Midnight Snacking

How Tos


Everybody loves a good late night snack! But we all know it’s not a good idea to pig out on chocolate and sweets before bed(nightmares)! Here are two great snacks that go perfectly together and won’t keep you up all night!

Popcorn With Extra Flavor


My family recently discovered popcorn seasoning. It comes in a little shaker(like something from the theater) and you just sprinkle some on your popcorn. It makes any plain old popcorn have a whole new flavor! Just make sure you don’t put it on a super buttery popcorn. You can buy these at any grocery store and most likely at +Walmart too! I’d look for it in the popcorn or seasoning section.

African Autumn Tea


I’ve also found the perfect tea to complete this tasty snack. It’s called “African Autumn” but it’s really just an herbal(decaf) rooibos tea. My favorite tea brand is Harney & Sons Fine Teas. You shop for the teas online and order them. You can either get lose tea or bagged. We have the bagged kind(shown above). Here is the link for ordering the African Autumn bagged tea: Order the African Autumn tea here. It’s roughly $11.00 for 30 tea bags. And I know that’s expensive, but guys, this is seriously the best tea brand ever. It is SO good. Their other teas are delicious too and I might feature some more of them. One great way to jazz up a tea is by using steamed milk to make it a latte!

That’s just one of my favorite midnight snacks! It isn’t TOO bad for you and won’t keep you up all night! Comment and tell me what YOU snack on in the late hours!


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