Mint Apple Polish



A few days ago, I bought this new mint colored nail polish at +Walgreens! It’s by Sinful Colors and it’s called Mint Apple. And it was only $2.00! Now, I love it for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s a perfect spring color! Mint is an extremely popular color these days. Another reason I love it is because it’s inexpensive! It also stays on well. I didn’t put a top coat on it, and even after 3-4 days, it hasn’t chipped! I looked closer at the bottle and it says ‘Proffessional’, so that might mean that they put a top coat in the polish. It does have a slight sparkle to it though, so if you don’t like shine you wouldn’t like it. So, I was pretty excited about this stuff! I’m sure you can find this nail polish at any drug store and maybe even at Walmart! Well, that’s just one of my favorite nail polishes! I’ll probably do more nail polish posts in the future!



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