Ways to Jazz Up a Coffee

How Tos

Jazzing Up a Coffee

I love a good cup of coffee. Especially +Starbucks Coffee. But sometimes you don’t want to spend $5.00 on one coffee. Here are some ways that I flavor my coffee at home. Note: I use almond milk for all of these because you cannot taste the difference and it’s MUCH healthier:)

Simple Cinnamon


-Vanilla extract

-Sugar(1 tsp)



-Hot Chocolate(dry mix)

-Extra milk

-More chocolate chips(if neccessary)


-Vanilla extract


-Caramel syrup(the ice cream kind)


-Extra sugar if needed

Other Ways to Jazz Up a Coffee

-If you have a steamed milk machine. Try using it to make a latte.

-Add some whipped cream on top to make a coffee extra special!

-If it’s hot outside, just add some ice.

-Maybe you want to try to make your own coffee syrups(like Starbucks)! Here’s a link for some easy recipes: DIY Coffee Syrups

Hope you enjoyed these quick coffee tips!


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