DIY Graduation Gift

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DIY Graduation Gift

My cousin graduated this year and my mom and I were trying to decide on what to get her for her graduation party.  I suggested that we make one of those ‘grad baskets’ you see on Pinterest full of stuff for college.  I looked all over Pinterest for ideas, but I couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for.  So, we made our own.  The entire gift came out to around $25.00.  What we did was, we loaded a bathroom bin full of things she would find handy for dorm life in college.  All of the items were found at Walmart, with one exception.  Here are the seven steps we used to create this:

DIY Graduation Gift

First, we found a plastic bin with a handle and lots of compartments.  You could probably get this at either Walmart or Target.  Just look in the storage bin area.  This is useful to the grad, because they can carry their toiletries to and from a shared bathroom.  Or they can keep simple cleaning supplies in it.

DIY Graduation Gift

Next, we bought this travel coffee mug, perfect for taking to classes.  She not only can use this for coffee/tea, but water.  This is another thing you can find at Walmart.  Note: When you buy this, make sure it’s microwavable, otherwise it won’t be as handy.

DIY Graduation Gift

Then we got a scrubbie and a few bars of soap.(some more bathroom things)

DIY Graduation Gift

And we packed some instant coffee packets for using in her new coffee mug.  You can find these literally anywhere, but if you want the best instant coffee, try Starbucks.  Note: The lime green packets were Starbucks’ instant refreshers.  It’s still coffee, but it’s served cold.

DIY Graduation Gift

We also included some summery scented lotion.  This was from Bath and Body Works.  It’s the Bali Mango scent, and it’s DELICOUS.  Obviously, if you were shopping for a guy, you would skip this step.

DIY Graduation Gift

My mom had the idea of getting her some starter towels, in case she didn’t have any yet.  We just got a hand towel and body towel.  These are also from Walmart.

DIY Graduation Gift

Lastly, we just put everything into the bin, and we were done!

This gift is so easy, but helpful at the same time.  It also is very cost effective.  It makes a great gift because you’re buying something you know will be used and appreciated.  Hope this was a helpful idea for what to get your college grad!


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