Learn Something New Every Day

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Summer Challenge

Just because school is out, doesn’t mean you should let your mind go to waste.  This summer I’m challenging myself to learn at least one new thing every day.  It could be anything.  A new recipe, a cute hairstyle, or the proper way to wash a dog.  It can be big or small, and as hard or simple as I choose.  It just has to be something.  I think this will really help me to be more productive and creative this summer.  So I want to challenge you to learn(or try) something new every day.

Here are some quick ideas for learning:

1. Use Pinterest, Youtube and other social networking sites to your advantage.

Social networks can be great places to learn new things.  You can find hairstyles, recipes, and just simple tricks.  Here’s a great example of something you can learn just by going on Youtube:

If you’re interested in some of my Youtube channel suggestions, go see: Seven of My Favorite Youtube Channels.

2. Pick up new instrument or a different form of art.

Try learning how to play the guitar or a new kind of art and get familier with it.  One thing that can be fun(or hot) in the summer is 3D chalk art.  This video is a little extreme, but you get the idea.  It’s just an idea of something to learn.

3. Read books that make you think.

Put down the fiction novels and pick up a book that teaches you something.  Or, buy new recipe books.

4. Consider paid learning programs as an option.

These can be very helpful if you have the money for them.  If you’re interested in learning a second language over the summer, try rosettastone.com.   One website that’s useful is lynda.com.  You pay a simple monthly fee and then you can watch any training videos on the site.  They have hundreds of courses that teach business, graphic design(individual softwares), animation, audio/video, and so much more.  I would strongly encourage you to check it out and see if there’s a topic that interests you.  It is also helpful if you just purchased an Adobe or computer software(such as Photoshop).  If you don’t know anything about using it, it will teach you everything you need to know.

5. Talk to people!

Visit with friends and relatives and ask them to teach you something they know and love!  It’ll make your day and their’s as well!

6. Do things you’d NEVER do.

Try taking a yoga class and going Vegan for a month!  Or, go to that sushi restaurant down the corner.  Just think of ways you can step outside your comfort zone!  Who knows?  Maybe it’ll be the best thing you ever did!

7. Have fun with it!

Don’t make this like the normal schoolwork(dreading every minute of it).  Have fun!  One idea is for every day you learn(or do) something new, write it on a sticky note and put it on a wall.  By the end of the summer, you’ll have a wall full of the new things you tried, so you can look back on them!

Hopefully this challenged you to learn and try new things summer 2013!  If you know of another great learning resource, please share it in the comments!


One thought on “Learn Something New Every Day

  1. This was very inspiring! I’ve been trying to come up with ways to make my summer more unique and fun and these are some great ideas to help me get started.

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