Overnight No-Heat Beach Waves

Hair & Makeup, How Tos

Hey guys!  I just made a new tutorial that I’m pretty excited about!  I finally found an efficient way to get beautiful beach waves!  I simply made a crazy braid,

Overnight No-Heat Beach Waves

And slept in it!  I took the braid out(without brushing it) the next morning and got this:

Overnight No-Heat Beach Waves

Here is the picture tutorial I created for how to make the braid.

Overnight No-Heat Beach Waves

Now I’ll tell you how in more detail.  Make sure your hair is dry before you start!  Take a piece of hair in the top corner and divide it into three parts.  Then, french braid all the way across your head.  When you get to the opposite side, braid downward slightly.  Then continue the braid across to the other side(where you started).  Keep repeating this until you run out of extra hair.  Don’t forget to keep adding new pieces!!  When you reach the end of your hair, do a normal braid and tie it off.  Go to bed in the braid or keep it in all day(for party waves).  When you wake up, take the braid out and use your fingers(not a brush) to gently comb any tangles out.  If you want to, you can spray it or add some mousse.  For the BEST results, add small pieces when braiding and do it very tight.

Hope you find this tutorial helpful!  If you have questions, just leave a comment below!


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