What’s In My Purse

Other Fun Stuff


Today, I just want to do a quick post to show you what I put in my everyday purse!  I actually just bought this purse at a thrift store!  I was surprised to find this Fossil bag for only $2.00!  So it really pays to check thrift stores for that kind of thing!  Anyway, here’s a short list of some things I like to keep with me in my purse:

  • Bath & Body Works mini hand sanitizer
  • Ear buds rapped around a duck taped gift card, to prevent tangling
  • Eos!!
  • A USB car adapter(very handy)
  • Pen and miniature notebook
  • Tissues
  • Hand lotion, also from Bath & Body Works
  • Compact brush/mirror
  • Lip gloss
  • A coffee cozy I made(good for these next chilly months)
  • My Sensu pen and brush(used for touch screen devices)
  • A watch
  • Altoids
  • Gum

Those are just a few things I keep in my purse!  Please follow this blog by email or on Blog Lovin’!  Or, like us on Facebook!


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