New Camera: Canon T3


I’ve decided to do the 365 challenge again in 2013! Please come visit my dedicated 365 challenge blog!

The 365 Challenger

I just got a new camera for Christmas and I’ll be using it for the entire 365 challenge this coming year.  It’s a Canon T3 and it’s actually my first DSLR camera.  As you’d suspect, I’m super excited about this.  Right now, I’m working on learning my camera so I’ll be ready enough for January 1st.  Here’s just a sample of some pictures of my first day with my new beauty:

Right now, as far as lenses go, I just have the factory lense and my telephoto.  I will also make use of my tripod as needed.  I hope you will follow along with me in 2014 and take the 365 challenge!  Like I’ve said, it doesn’t matter if you use an Iphone or a fancy camera!  Just give it a try!  If I hadn’t done the 365 challenge this past year, I doubt I would have discovered a love…

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