My Favorite Indie Music Playlists

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My Favorite Indie Music Playlists

I love music.  But then, who doesn’t?  I especially love listening to music when I study or do a chore.  It makes the time fly.  Recently, I’ve been listening to most of my music on  I love it because it’s free and you can easily find your favorite music style.  My favorite style is pop/indie music.  So, today I want to share with you my top favorite playlists I listen to:

1. Coffee Shop Sway

If I had to choose only one playlist, it would definitely be this one.  This has a lot of variety and calming sounds.  Most of the songs are guitar music but there are some upbeat ones mixed in.  This is a great study playlist.

2. Songs From Apple Commercials

This is another great playlist.  Unlike the last one, it is very upbeat.  I also love the variety it has.

3. Sunshine Indie Pop

As you might guess, this one is more of a mix of pop and indie music.

4. The World of fun.

This playlist includes songs much like the band, fun.  It’s another upbeat mix.

5. That Sweet Mumford Melancholy

If you’re a Mumford & Sons fan, like I am, you’ll enjoy this calm playlist.

6. Sleepytime Indie

This is great bedtime/evening mix.

7. My Own Personal Playlist

Okay, so this playlist is on Soundcloud instead of Songza.  This is just a short compilation of a few of my favorite songs.

Hopefully you enjoy these playlists!  Maybe you’ll discover some new artists and songs!  Remember, you can make a free Songza account to bookmark your own favorites!