DIY Dust Plugs

How Tos

[Photo by Erica Feliciano]

[photo by Erica Feliciano]

Hey everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘real’ tutorial!  Today I want to show you how to make your own ‘dust plug’.  For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, a dust plug is a decoration(commonly used on a phone or tablet) that you can insert into a headphone jack to stylize a device.  These are getting very popular because it’s a quick, easy way to add personality to almost any device(ipods, phones, tablets, even laptops)!  Below, I’ll show you a few Youtube videos of how to make your own dust plug.

Maybe you just want to buy a dust plug.  Here are a few quick links to some of my favorites:

NOW then, let’s get back to the tutorial.  Here is a video that shows a way to make dust plugs from scratch(with little supplies):

That shows you the main idea of how to make your own dust plug.

The main thing you need when making a dust plug is the plain plug itself.  If you have that, you can decorate it however you like.  Here are some links on Amazon to dust plugs:

You might be able to browse an electronic store near you to find a better deal on those.  Another thing you should know is when making or buying dust plugs, they tend to advertise “Iphone Dust Plugs”.  That doesn’t mean they are only compatible with an Iphone.  They should work with any 3.5mm headphone jack.  One of the great things about dust plugs is how universal they are.

This is my FAVORITE dust plug tutorial.  It’s also a great way to repurpose old, tarnished earrings!

Hope you found this post helpful!  Now go make your phone look adorable!:)

[special thanks to Makoccinos MinjiVanPark for the lovely Youtube tutorials]