20 Things to Start Doing This November

Food for Thought

[photo by Bob AuBuchon]

[Photo by Bob AuBuchon]

I can’t believe November is finally here!  I love this chilly weather!  Today I want to share a quick list of things to start doing this November!

1.  Drink lots of water and hot tea

2. Go for walks more

3. Enjoy the little things:)

4. Find a daily yoga routine and stick with it

[Photo by BMW Guggenheim Lab]

[photo by BMW Guggenheim Lab]

5. Stop procrastinating!

6. Stretch daily

7. Throw out things I don’t need

8. Get outside more

9. Make really good homemade hot chocolate

[photo by Kymberly Fergusson]

[photo by Kymberly Fergusson]

10. Put cinnamon & spices in coffee

11. Do a movie marathon with a friend

12. Fall photoshoot

13. Star gaze

[photo by Miroslav Petrasko]

[Photo by Miro Petrasko]

14. Press leaves in a journal

15. Go on a nature scavenger hunt(and take field journals too)

16. Eat pumpkin pie

17. Spend an entire day outside

18. Go to Bath and Body Works to get a fall scent

19. Make cinnamon rolls

20. Be happy

[photo by Julia]

[Photo by Julia]

Hope this gave you some good ideas for things to start doing this November!